MISJA & CELE                                                          MISSION & GOALS

Misją naszych działań jest tworzenie indywidualnych oraz skutecznych usług transportowo – logistycznych, które pozwolą zaoszczędzić czas i zredukować koszty.


Celem nadrzędnym Fide–Trans jest zrównoważenie czasu, miejsca i przestrzeni, gdzie:


jako Klient  - znajdziecie Państwo najbardziej interesujące rozwiązania logistyczne w optymalnej cenie

jako Pracownik - poznacie możliwość kreowania własnej kariery i satysfakcji zawodowej

jako Kooperant - traficie na solidnego partnera oraz chęć stworzenia korzystnej współpracy. 

Mission of our activity is creating individual and effective solutions in transport and logistic range, which can fullfil expectation of customer, can economize on time, and reduce the costs.    

By Fide–Trans superior purpose is balance of time, place and space, where:


as a Customer  - you will find the most interesting solution of logistics service, with reasonable price

as a Worker you will get the opportunity of creating own career and job satisfaction in logistic market

as a Contractor you will come across reliable partner to meet and mind to do profitable colaboration.      


Who we are ?

FIDE-TRANS  is a team of logisticians organize transport with passion.

              ...  We rely on people who want and can   ...  


More than 10 years of experience and knowledge gained in the logistics industry, precision and speed as well as a positive attitude allows us to achieve the target of building long-term relationships with customers.                

We offer individual approach to each shipment based on customer priorities.               

Our professional and friendly service creates the most flexible transport solutions at optimal prices.                      

We have a fleet of contract carriers equipped with standard and specialized trucks to carry out the international carriage of goods.

We organize complex transport process as well as single stages in the supply chain.

Full control of vehicles during performance of transport services allows us to provide current information about the status and the course of transportation.                   

We have access to a wide group of vehicles at any time, so we can offer service to different directions of transport regardless of volumen cargo.



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